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About qingy
What is qingy?

A Qingy image qingy is a replacement for getty. Written in C, it uses DirectFB to provide a fast, nice GUI without the overhead of the X Windows System. It allows the user to log in and start the session of his choice (text console, gnome, kde, wmaker, ...).
Main features

It works ;-)
It remembers last user who logged in, with focus on password
It also rememebers last session each user chose
Alternatively it remembers last session on a per-tty basis
Fully themable
A theme will look the same on all machines, independently of the resolution (*)
You can select your favourite theme, or a random one every time
Both text and X sessions are supported
You can start more that one X session at once
You can even start X inside a console when X sessions are already running
PAM support
Support for screen savers
Auto log-in support
Session locking support
Session timeout, with lock or logout as available actions
tty specific options support
Customizable key bindings
Text mode support (**)

Provided it has ben converted to the structure of qingy 0.6.0 and higher, which adds the ability to specify the native resolution of the theme, instead of defaulting to 800x600...
Useful if you don't care about fancy graphics but do care about session choice, locking, timeout or auto log-in.
Bugs (in current version)

If you think you have found a bug please e-mail me and I'll do what I can to fix it.

- Some command line options should migrate to config file...

Improvements (GUI)
- Make applets possible... A mix of shared modules and window managing :P Maybe we could even port wmaker dockapps... just a dream of mine ;-)
- Make it possible to use e.g. mng files for animated images, for example for background and the like.
- Add a timeout (with fading) to the mouseover effect
- graphical configuration tool...
- Add support for a Win XP style login box...
- Add an option in theme file to select whether background image should be centered, scaled or tiled...
- Add support for multiline text labels...
- allow for linkings elements together, so that when you move your mouse over one of them, all get the mouseover effect...

- Update ALL documentation as it is severely outdated

Other enhancements
- Allow for fingerprint-based authentication with PAM
- Make it possible to limit session choice based on user
- Allow user to log into remote systems, also with xdmcp...
- support some graphics toolkits other than DirectFB
- support also the /dev/vc* in spite of /dev/tty*
- Add support for setting the LANG enviroment variable...
- Add an option to force user to select on a given list of allowed users on gived ttys...
- Make qingy really start on one tty and fake its presence on the others... this would reduce memory usage, making it seem quicker at the same time.
- Add drop down menu to chose between available X screen/resolutions...

Anybody would like to help? Feel free to contact me.

Davide Scola who taught me how to learn C.
Per Liden and Largo for Login.app. This is where I got the idea for this app. And some graphics elements, too.
All the guys that gave light to DirectFB. Great work!
Paolino who gave light, amongst other things, to the great config file parser we now have
All of the guys who wrote and distributed themes for qingy...
Others I'm forgetting to mention!