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May 11, 2009

Version 0.9.9 is out!

Reverted change in stdin management that interfered with DBus. Thanks again to Florent Bondoux for the patch...
Apr 27, 2009

Just released version 0.9.8 'This is not 1.0 yet but we will get there'!

Fixed bug introduced in 0.9.7 and triggered when searching for X sessions outside /etc/X11/Sessions and detected session path is a full path. Thanks to Riccardo Stagni for the patch.
Fixed bug, found by 'Tom', that made qingy sometimes improperly set focus to both session and username (or password) fields.
Prevent qingy from crashing in case of error when parsing settings files: revert to text mode instead.
Removed need of password to autologin feature. Patch proposed by Florent Bondoux
Improved qingy main process and GUI communication. Now login times in case of correct authentication are reduced... Patch proposed by Florent Bondoux
Added feature, disabled by default, to check current runlevel to prevent qingy from showing its GUI or starting a session during a system shutdown or restart.
Made GUI messages user definable in theme file.
Made several message timeouts user configurable in theme file.
Other small enhancements and fixes, some contributed by Florent Bondoux
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