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Here are several contributed themes; all of them are available through the official themepack, though I'm going to remove it, after I finish moving the lot of them to freshmeat...

aquaish biohazard ComputerRoom
aquaish by Roguelazer biohazard by Paolino ComputerRoom by Eval Langlois
casablanca fireplace frag
casablanca by Paolino. Note that the text at the bottom of the image is actually a random picked fortune! fireplace by xlyz frag by christsong84
gentoo gentoo_box kitten
gentoo by Roguelazer gentoo_box by Roguelazer kitten by Paolino
lambretta matrix vendetta
lambretta by Paolino matrix by Paolino vendetta by Roguelazer
vendetta2 vendetta3
vendetta2 by Roguelazer vendetta3 by Roguelazer

These are not into any themepack...

dragonfly rouge Machine Mentality
dragonfly by xlyz rouge by xlyz Machine Mentality by Dark Liquid
Fake KDM Fake GDM Analog Digital Convertor
Fake KDM by Dark Liquid Fake GDM by Dark Liquid Analog Digital Convertor by Dark Liquid
Chaos Reason Blank Future Einstein
Chaos Reason by Dark Liquid Blank Future by Dark Liquid Einstein by Kris Edwards
Slack-Blue by Rogério Pereira Araújo